Tuesday, 29 July 2014

DANKE @ Green Heights

Location : Green Heights, same row with Sin Chong Choon Cafe.


This is the front view. According to the taukeneo, DANKE in German means Thank you.

Fried 3 Layer Pork @ Rm5.00
(Personal Rating : 8/10)

Fried Noodle @ Rm6.00
(Not i eat.. So, I can't give rating)

Nasi Lemak @ Rm4.50
(Not i eat. So, I can't give rating)

Butter Chicken Rice

At first, i ordered this Butter Chicken Rice. The Butter Chicken taste Sour. So, i asked my 2 friends to taste it too.. They also said the same.. Sour ! Ask the waiter to take back and re-do. Also, i informed the taukeneo about it. She apologized sincerely. I said it's okay.. So she asked me to order other thing and will cancel my order for Butter Chicken Rice inside the Bill.
 (Suggestion to improve for this case : Maybe in future, you can ask your Chef to taste it first before serving to your customers. This is to avoid being complaint by other customers in future)

My Total Bill.

Overall : Okay. Place & Deco nice. Nice place to hang out. Food not bad as agreed by my 2 friends who came with me along.