Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Family's BBQ Steamboat @ Jalan Semarak

LOCATION : Jalan Semarak @ Matang, Opposite Balai Polis Gita.


Today, I had Steamboat at this newly opened Steamboat located at Jalan Semarak, opposite Balai Polis Gita. The price is RM18.00 per person (without drinks). If you Click "LIKE" at their Facebook page and Check-In using your facebook, you will enjoy another additional of 10% Discount.

Mussels, Fish meat, Prawns & Clams.

Clams, Sotong and etc...

Many kinds of Marinated meat.

Mushrooms and Vegetables.

Eggs, Instant Noodle and Watermelon..

Seafood such as Crabs, Lala and etc.

 Magnolia Ice Cream.

They have lots of varieties of food to be choose. Also, the thing impressed me is they have Seafood such as Crabs, Mussels, Clams, Sea Clams, Prawns and many more. They will automatically refill everytime it's finish. 

The meat marination is nice. Not too salty or sweet for me. Just nice and perfect. All ingredients are fresh. The place is very clean and big. Very comfortable to enjoy my Steamboat dinner. 

This is the location map.

Overall rating : 9/10.