Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sambal Lok Lok @ Full3 Food Court

Located at Full3 Food Court, beside GIANT, Jalan Stutong.

This is the Food Court selling this Nasi Lemak & Sambal Lok Lok.

This is the Stall - Sambal Lok Lok.

This is something new in town. Special Nasi Lemak come with Pandan Chicken at RM 7.00 (Personal Rating : 8/10)

This is Pandan Chicken. Come with 2 Sticks of Pandan Chicken with every plate of Special Nasi Lemak. (Personal Rating : 8/10) 

They also served Lok Lok such as Fried Chicken Wing, Fried Wanton, Chicken Tail, Fried Sotong and etc. Ordered Chicken Tail at RM1.50 per stick and Fried Sotong at RM 2.00 per stick. 

The taukeneo is very generous. I went there around 6.00pm and was get to know that they are closing around 7.00pm+. So, She gave me Free Fried Wanton to try cos she said she can't keep the stock which they cannot finish selling it. This is to maintain the quality of their Food Freshness on daily basis. Rather than throwing it away, might as well giving Free Trial to customers to eat hoping customers will come back for more next time.