Monday, 2 June 2014

BBQ Korean's No.1 @ Plaza Merdeka

Located at Lower Floor of Plaza Merdeka.

The 2 photos above is called Grilled Chicken Meal with Kochi. The Grilled Chicken Meal is marinated whole chicken leg with 24 Hours marination and cooked over a hot broiler. It is then coated with special barbeque sauce however Kochi is skewers of grilled chicken and vegetables with premium BBQ Sauce. This set cost me RM19.50. I love this Grilled Chicken. It's juicy and yummy. This set comes with Shrimp Rice which is nice too.. My personal rating for this Dish is 9.1/10.

This is called Golden Olive Chicken Signature. Cost me RM15.90 for this 2 pieces. This Olive Chicken undergoes 24 Hours marination with over 30 herbs before it is cooked to golden perfection with Olive Oil. My personal comment on this is It's a bit tasteless which i think adding a bit of taste like spicy/original/salty/sour would make the meat perfect. So, I asked their Supervisor & one of the Chef, Mr Van about the taste of this Fried chicken. They replied it used to be Original taste which is a bit tasteless in Korea. After their good explanation by the Supervisor, I understand and have thought of maybe Korea people like to have Fried Chicken which is tasteless a bit. Well, of course Different People.. Different Taste. The meat is juicy and soft. My Personal Rating for this is 7/10.

Something special about this restaurant. I ordered this F&N Orange at RM5.90. The waiter told me that i can refill it anytime i want during my dine in. Woww !! 

This is my personal feedback to the Owner of BBQ Korean's No.1 Restaurant. I always believed, Feedback and my personal comments can improve their business. Their Waiters and Supervisor is friendly. Overall, I give them 9/10 which is i will give them a visit again soon. 

* p/s : Description of the menu as stated above is taken from their menu.