Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Story of Bad Experience of a Food Operator

[ True Story from a Food Operator ]

Just now a friend of mine who is a Beef Noodle seller in Kuching told me that she had a very bad experience today encounter a weird customer at her stall.

The story is like that. A Customer came to her Beef Noodle stall ordered a bowl of Beef Noodle. Customer pay for that bowl of Beef Noodle and leave. 
After 5 minutes the beef noodle serve to that customers, the customer bring the Beef Noodle back to my friend stall and told my friend "Hey.. Do you know that i don't eat Beef due to our Religion ?". My friend was shocked & ask the customer, "I thought u order for Beef Noodle right?". My friend stall clearly stated at her stall Signage "Ah xxx Beef Noodle".

Then this customer ask her "Do you want to take back this bowl of Beef Noodle & pay me back my money??". My friend replied the customer "I'm Sorry.. I cant accept it back cos you already touch the beef noodle as the decoration of the beef noodle is not same when being served".
Immediately, the customer threw that bowl of beef noodle into her and the customer walk off.

I do believed, this Customer will go back home, tell his friends and everyone that the Beef Noodle seller is rude and bla bla bla.. I know people always say "Customer is always right" but it depends to what kind of situation we encounter. Like this incident, it's totally unacceptable and definetely, the customer is trying to find problem.

Advises : If any of your friends told you or bla bla bla about a Food Operator attitude or what, Do not believe him/her ! Believe it using your eyes to see not using your ear to listen to your friend Bullshit. Pity some Food Operators who encounter such incident.