Sunday, 25 May 2014

My Little Kitchen

My Little Kitchen
At Upper China Street, Carpenter Street, Kuching.

Being introduced by a Friend about this Secret Hidden place where i can have something different again. The Food I'm gonna have now is really something Special again which is hard to find in Kuching. 

According to The Owner which is also the Chef of My Little Kitchen, Mr. Tommi Laine, the Food he is serving is actually from his own recipe. The Food they have in their menu is completely healthy for Human body which they don't use MSG for cooking and all ingredients they use is without worries.... FRESH daily ! 

The location of My Little Kitchen is really a Hidden place in Kuching. I'm very sure that most of people in Kuching doesn't know the existence of this Unique Food outlet where we can enjoy Swedish Food. Let me explain the real location of this Food Outlet. If you come from Kuching Waterfront at UOB Bank, Turn left and go into the Carpenter Street. Drive straight and you will saw Aladin Cafe (Serve Fried Chicken Rice) on your Right or Lau Ya Keng on your Left. At the shop row of Aladin Cafe, Turn in at the 1st Junction on your right and this Food Outlet is at your right hand side.

This is how My Little Kitchen and the Junction of the shops looks like .....

When dined in at My Little Kitchen, My 1st Impression on the Food Outlet is The Shop is Clean.. Small shop but nice ! The place is cozy and very quiet. Very suitable for people like me where i can enjoy Food without being disturbed. Not many tables but well, I do believed they are doing small business only as there's only 2 people working in this shop that was The Food Operators themselves, Mr. Tommi Laine and his wife, Brenda Ong.

My visit to this shop, I ordered ....

1.   Swedish Wrap which they called it "Tunnbrodsrulle" which contained Grilled Sausage(s) with homemade mashed potatoes, garnished with raw onion rings, splashed with ketchup & mustard. Price at RM14.50. (My Personal Rating :  7/10)

2.   Swedish Meatballs which they called it "Svenska Kottbullar". This Meatballs is at their very own version which is from an old family's recipe). It's made from ground beef which is total weight of approx. 120g, blended with different spices and pan fried to perfection. This meatballs served with creamy mashed potatotes, brown sauce and Fresh House Salad. Price at RM18.90. (Personal Rating  :  8/10)

What i noticed at their menu is this shop serve No Pork and their Beef & Chicken suppliers are HALAL Certified. Overall, My personal rating for : -

1.   Food                      -   8/10
2.   Cleanliness             -   9.5/10
3.   Environment            -   9/10
4.   Toilet Cleanliness    -    9/10      
5.   Service                   -    9.5/10
6.   Value for Money ?    -    8/10

Oh yahh, One more things. One thing quite impressed me is .....

The Food Operator, Miss Brenda Ong told me that their Drinks Ice Cubes is Homemade which is they made by themselves using water from Mineral/Drinking Water. 

Their operating Hours is from Monday to Saturday (3pm to 9pm). Please be warned that their Food serving time might need to take a little bit longer as this business is run by Husband & Wife only. No other staffs is helping them.