Saturday, 17 May 2014

My Lekor @ BDC Commercial Centre

Owned by Syarikat M.Y. Lekor
963, Ground Floor, BDC Commercial Centre,
Taman Satria Jaya, Jalan Stutong,93250 Kuching.
(beside A1 Kopitiam at BDC)
Operation time : Monday to Friday, 9am to 11pm.

Last night, I was introduced by a Malay friend in Facebook about this place. This place is located at quite a hidden place for me and I don't even know there is such a HALAL place where i can have Malay Food (Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kukus, Sup Tulang and etc) during night time in BDC area.

This shop is called MY LEKOR. Their Specialties is more to Keropok Lekor. Lekor or Keropok Lekor is a Traditional Fish Snack for the Malay people in Terengganu, Malaysia. But of course, Not only doing Keropok Lekor business, they also do have lots of variety of Malay Food at this shop such as Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kukus, Sup Tulang and many more...

This is the stall Recommended Menu
Last night, I had this Nasi Lemak Special, Keropok Lekor and Teh C Peng. It cost me Total of RM10.90 for all this 3 orders.

This Nasi Lemak Special cost me RM5.50

My Personal comment on the Nasi Lemak "Sambal" is that it taste very good. It's a bit Sweet and Spicy which i like sambal to be made in this way and The Rice is very nice too. Just that the meat is a bit cold and hard a bit. I did asked the Food Operator why is the meat is cold and hard. He did explained to me that they actually wanna close the shop already and they do not fried anymore which is i accepted her explanation as i myself also wrong that i came to this shop around 9.30pm. I do gave him some advises that it's preferable to have Hot, Tender and Juicy Fried Chicken everytime customers order and if they wanna close shop, Please inform the Customers so that they are well informed and will not wonder why they served Cold Fried Chicken. Luckily, they are a kind of Food Operators which willing to listen to my Suggestions and Advises.

For this Keropok Lekor, i ordered 15 pieces which cost me RM3.00. Taste is nice like the ordinary Keropok Lekor. According to the Food Operator, they make the Keropok Lekor by themselves. They have their own machine to make the Keropok Lekor daily. 

Overall, Satisfaction of the Quality/Taste of their Food and Services given during this visit is 8/10. The Food Operator is a Friendly person and because of they also wanna close for business, The sit down with me having Chit-Chat. During the Chit-Chat, they asked me to come next time to try some of their Special Selected menu which they told me its Fast Selling Food at their Shop..

This 2 Menu is what the Food Operator recommended to me for my next visit.. Of course, I will try it at my next visit next time..