Tuesday, 20 May 2014

MMB @ CityOne

MMB @ CityOne

Today found out something new in CityOne Shopping Mall in Kuching. This outlet sell Cinnamon, Curry Puff, Danish, Croissant, Kronut and etc.

This is what they sell ................

 This is what i bought ....

Mocha Cinnamon

From Up to Down - Kronut Blueberry & Kronut Chocolate

Personal Comment & Rating

 # Mocha Cinnamon     -     Nice. Not too sweet (Personal rating : 07/10)
 # Kronut Blueberry     -     The Blueberry topping taste a bit weird for me.
                                      It taste Sour and a bit like Chili Sauce but chili
                                      sauce is spicy.. This is sour type Chili Sauce. 
                                      I hardly explain it but maybe The Food Operator
                                      can improve more on this Blueberry topping.
                                      (Personal Rating : 04/10)
 # Kronut Chocolate    -     Nice. Not too sweet too.. (Personal rating : 08/10)