Sunday, 11 May 2014


Located at MBKS Swimming Pool

Today, I decided to hunt for something new in Kuching. I told my wife that I'm kinda boring to have the same food everyday. So, i went to ICE BITE located at MBKS Swimming Pool. The shop is exactly at the Front Door of the Swimming pool.

The place is very airy. There's a lot of parking too. Quite a comfortable place for me. They have limited tables and chairs but they have a lots of Food to eat. They got a Big Menu Banner hanging beside the shop where everybody can see and order the food we wants. Among the food they sell is like Ais Kacang, Jagung Peng, Lok Lok, Fried Chicken, Rojak, Sotong Kangkung, Chicken Tail, and many more...

This is the Food i ordered.. 

Ais Kacang
Slice of Mengkuang with Rojak Paste
Sotong Kangkung
Chicken Tail & Fried Crab Stick
Mini Rojak Burger
Overall, My Personal comments for all the Food i ordered is Okay. Love their Mini Rojak Burger. It's something i ate since my Childhood last time. The Ais Kacang is nice too. Personal Rating for all the Food i ate is 8.2/10. Sorry i do not know the total bill as my Friend bring me to this place and treat me.