Friday, 9 May 2014

BARNANA Wines & Dines

BARNANA Wines & Dines
Location : No.45, Padungan Road, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.


Jalan Padungan is a road in Kuching where there's many Pub, Cafe, Wines & Dines, Food Outlet, Restaurant, Kopitiam and many more.. It's also one of the road where i will always passed by to hunt for Good Local Food in Kuching as Jalan Padungan is situated in the middle of the Kuching Town.

Everyday passing by Jalan Padungan, I always noticed that there's a place looks more like a Pub/Cafe/Hanging Place where i personally feel it's a bit 'Classy' for me in term of the Design of the place. The shop is called BARNANA Wines & Dines.

Today, I'm a Freeman. So, I decided to hunt for some New Good Food in town as I'm quite fed up already eating the same Food i had this few days. Laksa lah... Kolo Mee lah... Arrgghhh ! I need something New. 

Today i decided to give this shop a visit. Thanks God i managed to find a parking somewhere nearby this shop. So, I walked to the shop and Ohh wow.. They got Menu putting outside their shop. Actually, I do personally thinks that putting menu outside a Food Outlet is important as people walk-by can have a look at what you have or served in the Food Outlet. 

After having a look at their menu, I was very SHOCKED to see that the Price of the Food they have is not as Expensive as i expected. As shown at all the photos above, I can never imagine or never expect such 'CLASSY' place can have Western Food where we can get it at a Reasonable Price. According to their menu, They served Western Food such as Chicken Chop, lots of type of Finger Food, Fish & Chips, Bir and many more. 

When i walked into the shop, there's no other Customer except me. I'm the only customer there. Maybe I'm too early ? I ordered 1 can of Coke, 1 Cheese Baked Cod Fish, 1 set of Bacon Roll & 1 set of Chicken Prawn Roll.

When my Cheese Baked Cod Fish (RM34.90) was served, I'm very impressed at the Look & Decoration of the Food I'm gonna have. By looking at it, I can 100% assume It will be VERY-VERY-VERY DELICIOUS. My personal rating for this Cheese Baked Cod Fish is 9.5/10

The Second Dish i had is this Bacon Roll (RM15.00) & Chicken Prawn Roll (RM15.00). After having this, I really Speechless. Too "NYAMAN" till can't talk. Believed me, The Bacon Roll is soo damn good !! it's Needle Mushroom wrapped with Bacon and they grilled it.. OH MY ! I'm hungry now again... Ha! Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! As for the Chicken Prawn Roll, quite nice for me too..  Just that I'm too falling in love with my Cheese Baked Cod Fish & The Bacon Roll. My Personal Rating for Bacon Roll is 9.5/10  & Chicken Prawn Roll is 7.8/10.

Pay for the Bill happily and very satisfied. Stomach is very happy. Will give them a visit again very Soon. Guys ! You all should give it a try and Judge it yourself. But Please bear in mind. This is my Personal View/Comment/Taste. Different people do have Different taste & View.