Saturday, 31 May 2014

Loi Moi Kolo Mee @ Food Junction Kopitiam

 Location : At Food Junction Kopitiam, Beside Wisma Saberkas. Opposite St Paul School.

Mee Pok Kolo Mee (Special) (Personal Rating = 8/10)

Special Seafood Cheng Soup. 
(Personal Rating = 9/10)

Friday, 30 May 2014

Rock N Grill Western @ Jalan Rock

Jalan Rock

Grilled Herbs Lamb Chop served with Mashed Potato and healthy salad. Price at RM18.80. (Personal Rating : 7/10)

Rock N Grill Chicken Maryland served with Golden Baked Cheese, served with Fries, healthy salad and Grilled Pineapple. Price at RM13.80. (Personal Rating : 6/10)

Baked Mussel which is Oven baked served with mashed potato and healthy vegetables. Price at RM16.80. (Personal Rating : 6/10)

Lao Zhi Hao Bak Kut Teh @ Jalan Song

Jalan Song

Bak Kut Teh @ RM11.00 (Personal Rating : 8/10)

Pork Intestine @ RM11.00 (Personal Rating : 9/10)

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Raja Ayam Bakar @ Jalan Abell

Tonight, as usual, being a Midnight Food Hunter in Kuching, Tried their Toast at Raja Ayam Bakar at Jalan Abell. I was quite surprise as this shop is Full House almost every night. People love to hang around and chit chat at this Shop.

This is what i had .....

Kaya thick Toast.. Yummylicious !

Peanut Butter Toast with Syrup.. OHH MYY !!

Teh Tarik Peng.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Islamic Cafe @ 7th Miles.

7th Miles, Kota Sentosa

Feeling hungry during the Midnight, Purposely drive out to fill my hunger and i decided to go to Islamic Cafe where it's located at Kota Sentosa 7th Miles. I have Roti Naan Cheese & a glass of Teh Tarik Peng which cost me total bill of RM7.80. It's so Yummy and full of satisfaction. The Teh Tarik Peng is nice ! Always love their Teh Tarik Peng very much .. Maybe you guys should try it ?

Sunday, 25 May 2014

My Little Kitchen

My Little Kitchen
At Upper China Street, Carpenter Street, Kuching.

Being introduced by a Friend about this Secret Hidden place where i can have something different again. The Food I'm gonna have now is really something Special again which is hard to find in Kuching. 

According to The Owner which is also the Chef of My Little Kitchen, Mr. Tommi Laine, the Food he is serving is actually from his own recipe. The Food they have in their menu is completely healthy for Human body which they don't use MSG for cooking and all ingredients they use is without worries.... FRESH daily ! 

The location of My Little Kitchen is really a Hidden place in Kuching. I'm very sure that most of people in Kuching doesn't know the existence of this Unique Food outlet where we can enjoy Swedish Food. Let me explain the real location of this Food Outlet. If you come from Kuching Waterfront at UOB Bank, Turn left and go into the Carpenter Street. Drive straight and you will saw Aladin Cafe (Serve Fried Chicken Rice) on your Right or Lau Ya Keng on your Left. At the shop row of Aladin Cafe, Turn in at the 1st Junction on your right and this Food Outlet is at your right hand side.

This is how My Little Kitchen and the Junction of the shops looks like .....

When dined in at My Little Kitchen, My 1st Impression on the Food Outlet is The Shop is Clean.. Small shop but nice ! The place is cozy and very quiet. Very suitable for people like me where i can enjoy Food without being disturbed. Not many tables but well, I do believed they are doing small business only as there's only 2 people working in this shop that was The Food Operators themselves, Mr. Tommi Laine and his wife, Brenda Ong.

My visit to this shop, I ordered ....

1.   Swedish Wrap which they called it "Tunnbrodsrulle" which contained Grilled Sausage(s) with homemade mashed potatoes, garnished with raw onion rings, splashed with ketchup & mustard. Price at RM14.50. (My Personal Rating :  7/10)

2.   Swedish Meatballs which they called it "Svenska Kottbullar". This Meatballs is at their very own version which is from an old family's recipe). It's made from ground beef which is total weight of approx. 120g, blended with different spices and pan fried to perfection. This meatballs served with creamy mashed potatotes, brown sauce and Fresh House Salad. Price at RM18.90. (Personal Rating  :  8/10)

What i noticed at their menu is this shop serve No Pork and their Beef & Chicken suppliers are HALAL Certified. Overall, My personal rating for : -

1.   Food                      -   8/10
2.   Cleanliness             -   9.5/10
3.   Environment            -   9/10
4.   Toilet Cleanliness    -    9/10      
5.   Service                   -    9.5/10
6.   Value for Money ?    -    8/10

Oh yahh, One more things. One thing quite impressed me is .....

The Food Operator, Miss Brenda Ong told me that their Drinks Ice Cubes is Homemade which is they made by themselves using water from Mineral/Drinking Water. 

Their operating Hours is from Monday to Saturday (3pm to 9pm). Please be warned that their Food serving time might need to take a little bit longer as this business is run by Husband & Wife only. No other staffs is helping them.  

Wednesday, 21 May 2014



Went to try something new at CityOne .... Crispee Recipe ! Located opposite Taiwan Ding Tea.

This is what i ordered ......

(1) Chai Pia with Oyster RM 4.80. (Personal Rating  :  7/10)
(2) Chai Pia with Sotong RM 4.80. (Personal Rating  :  6/10)
(3) Arisan Fish Filletto  RM 4.80. (Personal Rating  :  9/10)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

MMB @ CityOne

MMB @ CityOne

Today found out something new in CityOne Shopping Mall in Kuching. This outlet sell Cinnamon, Curry Puff, Danish, Croissant, Kronut and etc.

This is what they sell ................

 This is what i bought ....

Mocha Cinnamon

From Up to Down - Kronut Blueberry & Kronut Chocolate

Personal Comment & Rating

 # Mocha Cinnamon     -     Nice. Not too sweet (Personal rating : 07/10)
 # Kronut Blueberry     -     The Blueberry topping taste a bit weird for me.
                                      It taste Sour and a bit like Chili Sauce but chili
                                      sauce is spicy.. This is sour type Chili Sauce. 
                                      I hardly explain it but maybe The Food Operator
                                      can improve more on this Blueberry topping.
                                      (Personal Rating : 04/10)
 # Kronut Chocolate    -     Nice. Not too sweet too.. (Personal rating : 08/10)

Saturday, 17 May 2014

COMING SOON ! Kuching Food Critics Limited Edition Badge

With this Badge, you will enjoy our Special Privilege from time to time.. 
*Terms & Conditions applied*


My Lekor @ BDC Commercial Centre

Owned by Syarikat M.Y. Lekor
963, Ground Floor, BDC Commercial Centre,
Taman Satria Jaya, Jalan Stutong,93250 Kuching.
(beside A1 Kopitiam at BDC)
Operation time : Monday to Friday, 9am to 11pm.

Last night, I was introduced by a Malay friend in Facebook about this place. This place is located at quite a hidden place for me and I don't even know there is such a HALAL place where i can have Malay Food (Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kukus, Sup Tulang and etc) during night time in BDC area.

This shop is called MY LEKOR. Their Specialties is more to Keropok Lekor. Lekor or Keropok Lekor is a Traditional Fish Snack for the Malay people in Terengganu, Malaysia. But of course, Not only doing Keropok Lekor business, they also do have lots of variety of Malay Food at this shop such as Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kukus, Sup Tulang and many more...

This is the stall Recommended Menu
Last night, I had this Nasi Lemak Special, Keropok Lekor and Teh C Peng. It cost me Total of RM10.90 for all this 3 orders.

This Nasi Lemak Special cost me RM5.50

My Personal comment on the Nasi Lemak "Sambal" is that it taste very good. It's a bit Sweet and Spicy which i like sambal to be made in this way and The Rice is very nice too. Just that the meat is a bit cold and hard a bit. I did asked the Food Operator why is the meat is cold and hard. He did explained to me that they actually wanna close the shop already and they do not fried anymore which is i accepted her explanation as i myself also wrong that i came to this shop around 9.30pm. I do gave him some advises that it's preferable to have Hot, Tender and Juicy Fried Chicken everytime customers order and if they wanna close shop, Please inform the Customers so that they are well informed and will not wonder why they served Cold Fried Chicken. Luckily, they are a kind of Food Operators which willing to listen to my Suggestions and Advises.

For this Keropok Lekor, i ordered 15 pieces which cost me RM3.00. Taste is nice like the ordinary Keropok Lekor. According to the Food Operator, they make the Keropok Lekor by themselves. They have their own machine to make the Keropok Lekor daily. 

Overall, Satisfaction of the Quality/Taste of their Food and Services given during this visit is 8/10. The Food Operator is a Friendly person and because of they also wanna close for business, The sit down with me having Chit-Chat. During the Chit-Chat, they asked me to come next time to try some of their Special Selected menu which they told me its Fast Selling Food at their Shop..

This 2 Menu is what the Food Operator recommended to me for my next visit.. Of course, I will try it at my next visit next time.. 


Friday, 16 May 2014


Kuching Food Critics is very Honoured to be invited to have 2 1/2 Hours discussion with Dato. James Chan (The Mayor of MBKS), Encik Haji Taufik (Chairman of Kuching Fest), Mr. Sim Thong Poh (Chairman of Kuching Food Fair Festival), The Councilors and Officers of MBKS about the coming Kuching Food Fair Festival 2014. 

All Suggestions and Opinions given by the Members of Kuching Food Critics in the Group in Facebook has been voiced out during the Meeting and We hope that the Commitee of KFFF can do their very Best for this coming Kuching Food Fair Festival 2014. This meeting is a very enjoyable and Fun meeting. The Mayor, Chairman and The Committee is very Sporting and open to suggestions. 

On Behalf of all the Members in Kuching Food Critics, We Thanks the Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan (MBKS) for willing to listen to our Suggestions and to improve more for this coming Kuching Food Fair Festival 2014. 

One Good News is .... We are now into another Higher Level and now we are supported by MBKS in many ways and we work hand in hand with MBKS towards 1 Goal that is making Kuching City a Food Heaven.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


What is Putu Piring ?

Putu piring is a type of round, steamed rice cake with a centre of melted palm sugar. A Malay adaptation of an Indian dish, it is a popular local snack. 


Made of ground rice flour, these cakes are shaped by conical moulds into circular mounds. A spoonful of gula Melaka (palm sugar) is placed in the centre and then the cake covered with a second layer of rice flour. A small cut of pandanus or banana leaf is pressed in before the ball of dough is turned upside down and left on a small cheesecloth covering a small plate for steaming. Each mould is covered with an individual conical lid and steamed for a few minutes. When cooked, the cakes are removed from their metal plate with the help of a small cut of banana leaf. They are topped with slightly salted grated coconut to add a savoury touch to the sweet cake. If the flour was sieved, the putu piring almost melts in the mouth. The lump of gula Melaka melts during the steaming process and oozes out at the first bite.

Putu piring can be eaten hot or cold. It is usually eaten as breakfast but is also served on festive occasions such as during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.


Putu piring has the same ingredients as putu mayam (Southern Indian string hoppers) and is served with the same toppings. Thus the dish is believed to be a Malay adaptation of the Indian snack. Piring in Malay for “plate”, probably a reference to the miniature plates on which the dish is cooked. Putu is the name of the basic steamed rice flour cakes which is found in Sri Lanka and Southern India. In fact, they are cooked in bamboo hollows, similar to putu bamboo, a variation of putu piring sans gula Melaka.

Putu piring moulds were made of aluminium as to ensure the freshness and the hawkers would grate the gula Melaka and coconut only upon serving the cooked item rather than prepare the toppings beforehand.

In Kuching, Putu Piring can be bought at somewhere near The Summermall at Kota Samarahan. This stall is operated by Encik Hussein which is a retired Army and making this Putu Piring is a business for him to earn for living. According to Encik Hussein, He will open his stall only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday or Public Holiday from 3.00pm till 6.00pm only. He sell the Putu Piring at RM0.50 per piece.