Thursday, 24 April 2014


It has been quite sometimes i didn't come to Wakakakaka Cafe to eat. This Restaurant used to be one of my favourite hanging place with my friends as the Boss and their Sexy Girl Staffs is very Friendly, Love to Laugh, Funny and very professional in taking their Customers heart and feelings. Besides, their Environment of the Restaurant is nice, cozy and The Food is delicious too. 

When i start busy in my daily work, I have no time coming to this Restaurant. But well, My Birthday is coming soon.. So my Wife asked me where should we celebrate my Birthday.. So, I decided "Why not We celebrate my Birthday at Wakakakaka ?" and my wife replied "GREAT IDEA !!".

I ordered my most Favourite Fish & Chip Set called Dory & Chippy and a Glass of Root Beer Float for myself. My wife ordered Ice Cream Chicken Chop & a glass of Root Beer Float for herself however my 3 years old Son ordered Wakakakaka Spicy Pasta + Mushroom Soup + Hot Milo for himself. The Boss came to take order and he said "Is that all you want, Boss. Anything Special you wanna add in ?".. I replied "Ohh Yesss ! Do a plate of something Special for my Birthday and the Food must not in the Menu and make sure, The Food will have to IMPRESSED ME !!". Well, Sorry to say.. I always love something Special which is totally different or not in the Menu. In just seconds, The Boss act Professionally and replied "Ohh Sure ! Not a problem ! I will do it for you".

Food served very fast. Waited only 15-20 minutes as there are only 2 tables including mine which is occupied. Food Quality for me still maintained like the previous experience i had. Enjoyed all the Dishes ordered till this SPECIAL DISH came out ........................................ " V.I.P SALMON DELIGHT " !!

Ohh Mine.. Seeing this V.I.P Salmon Delight really makes my mouth Orgasm. Eventhough My Stomach is soo damn full, The Nice smell of this Salmon Delight really can't makes me stand and i quickly took my Fork to eat it ! The First bite of this V.I.P Salmon Delight really makes me Happy till flying... 

I asked the Wakakakaka Boss.. Will you serve this to Special Dish to my other members as well after i posted this Photos in Kuching Food Critics ? He replied "Of course I will sell this Special Dish if u give Thumb UP !".. Immediately, I gave him "ONE THUMB UP!". And of course, I do reminds the Boss, Make sure you do exactly the same Portion, the same delicious taste if any of my members visited your Restaurant and order the same dish like what am i having now. The Boss replied that he treated all Customers and VIP Friends are at the Same way and fair. I'm Glad he replied in that way.

So, my Visit to this Wakakakaka Cafe is very Happy, Meaningful and very Satisfied with all the Good & Delicious Food being served to me. Seriously, I had a very Wonderful time at Wakakakaka Cafe and the Most Happy things to see is.. My Son is very Happy as he has a Pretty and Sexy Sister (Wakakakaka Staffs) to play with. HA ! HA ! HA ! HA !

Thanks to Wakakakaka Cafe Boss & the Staffs for making my Visit a Great one and one of my most memorable Visit in my life. THANKS YO ! 

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The Location of Wakakakaka Cafe.
The Front View of Wakakakaka Cafe