Saturday, 26 April 2014

New Menu Food Tasting Session at The Spring Food Bazaar.

We are very honoured to be invited by The Spring Bazaar Food Court Manager, Mr. Roger Ling for being The First group of people to try the Spring Food Court New Dishes from every Food Stalls.

THANKS to our 10 Kuching Food Critics Members who volunteered themselves to join us in this event. Every of the members tasted all of the New Menu, giving their comments and Feedbacks to the Food Bazaar Management and also the Food Stalls Operators on how to improve more on the Food in term of Quality, taste and everything. Of course, The Food Stalls Operator cannot BE or SERVE the Best Food as Different People - Different Taste and View but at least they are trying their BEST to Improve by accepting Comments and Critics by the members.

Overall, The Food that we've tried, It's Superb ! Our 10 Kuching Food Critics Members who tasted the Food are Satisfied and Happy with almost everything in term of the Taste, Quality and Pricing of the Food.