Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Kueh Chap @ KY Cafe, Jalan Sekama.

This is KY Kueh Chap (NOT HALAL) @ KY Cafe, Sekama. Price at RM4.50 per bowl. Here's my story... Last time i do ever complaint to the tauke telling that their Kueh Chap taste is a bit weird. I think it's because of their too Strong Herbal smell and taste that might make some people not like their Kueh Chap soup. Also, I do noticed too their Meat is not that clean. 

But now, on 6th April 2014, I went to KY Cafe and tried their Kueh Chap again. Unbelievable !! For me, It's getting much-much-much nicer if compare with last time.. The soup taste is not as strong herbal taste like last time anymore. The meat is much clean and well cleaned. Price for this Kueh Chap per bowl is still the same. I told the tauke, Good Job for improving and he's happy ! I'm Glad to see such Food Operator who is willing to listen to customers feedback and to improve more..