Thursday, 13 February 2014

Chinese New Year Contest Treasures (Extra Bonus +LIKES)


13.02.2014 (Thursday) - Here is the final Treasure No. 5.

Click this Video ...

LIKES Prize Structure:-

1st Prize - 60 Likes!

2nd Prize - 30 Likes!

3rd Prize - 10 Likes!

The winners will be determined by the following order:-

1) 1st Correct Answer Received.
2) 2nd and Following Correct Answers Received.
3) 1st Closest Answer Received.
4) 2nd and Following Closest Answers Received


1) Watch the video carefully.

2) Discuss among your teammates and friends.

3) Use the email that you have used to submit the Contest Entry to send in your answers to . Any third party or on behalf entry is not acceptable.

Your answer should go like this:

  "My Answer is RMxx.xx"

4) Closing time will be 7.00pm (Malaysia Time) on 13th February 2014. Any entries received after 7.00pm based on KuchingFoodCritics domain email time will be disqualified.

                                     Contestant Answer : -

Entry #1 Benson Ng RM78.50 (received on 2.40pm)
Entry #2 Joyce Tan RM58.80 (received on 6.12pm)
Entry #5 Kathy Ak Tagok RM65.70 (received on 2.55pm)
Entry #7 Bong Shin Khai RM58.30 (received on 2.23pm)
Entry #9 Jason Ting RM73.55 (received on 6.32pm)
Entry #10 Gan Siew Luen RM52.80 (received on 4.11pm)    1st (60 LIKES)
Entry #11 James Wong RM52.80 (received on 6.15pm)       2nd (30 LIKES)
Entry #13 Jenny Chai RM58.30 (received on 2.00pm)           3rd (10 LIKES)
Entry #15 Ngo She Huik RM68.50 (received on 2.45pm)
Entry #18 Tan Hui Nguang RM68.50 (received on 4.16pm)
Entry #19 Iris Chan RM72.55 (received on 2.27pm)

# On 14th February 2014, 12.30am, We have counted all the Coins inside the Tupperware as shown at the Video above and We confirmed that the total of the Coins is amounting RM48.95. Congratulations to Winners !

[ TREASURE NO.4 ] Extra +160 LIKES

12.02.2014 (Wednesday) - For today Treasure No.4 Hunt, All you need to bring is ..

Clue 1 - "The witching hour draws near, keep your eyes and ears open for clues to appear!"

Clue 2 - "Are you ready for a Night Safari Hunt?? See you at 8:30pm sharp where the hand of friendship memorial has been extended!"

Clue 3 - Meet you here ...

Clue 4 - Lost Animals

Find the 6 "lost animals". They each represent different number of likes with a combined total of 160 likes.

Hunting Time : 9.00pm to 10.00pm (UPDATE: Extended till All Are Found!)

They are situated at:-

1) Admiral - Zebra (Keith Ong) 8.20pm FOUND!  (+20 LIKES)

2) Rock Garden (Near House) - Lion (Thony Tan) 8.40pm FOUND! (+50 LIKES)

3) Tree (Near House) - Leopard (Thony Tan) 10.05pm FOUND! (+30 LIKES)

4) Lamp Post (Near Church) - Giraffe (Keith Ong) 10.10pm FOUND! 

5) Dustbin (Near Fountain) - Tiger (Sean) 8.50pm FOUND!  (+40 LIKES)

6) Metal Box (Near Toilet) - Elephant (Sean) 8.45pm FOUND! (+10 LIKES)

                                                      AND THE WINNERS ARE:- 

                     Contestants & Admins of Kuching Food Critics Group Photo


10.02.2014 (Monday) - For this Bonus Stage, It's all depend to your LUCK ! All 7 Contestants will be given 7 pieces of same type of Sushi. From this 7 pieces of Sushi, 6 pieces contained Wasabi filing however only 1 piece doesn't have Wasabi. Those Contestant who can choose and eat the Sushi without Wasabi filing will WIN this BONUS STAGE which is Extra +20 LIKES will be added into his/her entry.

7 pieces of Sushi. 6 of this has Wasabi filings however only 1 doesn't have.

Use Lucky draw to see who take the Sushi first.

Winner of Bonus Stage (+20 LIKES), Miss Joan Bong, Representative of Entry No.11

[ Treasure No.3 ] Extra +100 Likes

10.02.2014 (Monday) - In this Treasure No.3 Challenge, It's called "How Much You Love Sushi" Challenge. Every Contestant will be given 1 plate of Sushi which consist of 5 different kinds of Sushi. Each Sushi contained lots of Wasabi inside it and Contestant must eat and swallow the Sushi one by one. Contestant who finish it first will declare as Winner of Treasure No.3 which +100 LIKES BONUS will be added into his/her Entry.

Date                          :  10.02.2014 (Monday)
Place to meet              :  Bento Ramen, Brighton Square, Jalan Song.
Time                          :  On or before 9.00pm.
Dresscode                   :  Casual, Free & Easy.

Sushi prepared by Bento Ramen Sushi Chef.
Mr. Chang @ Owner of Bento Ramen. See the Sushi with Lots of Wasabi.
5 different kinds of Sushi contained lots of Wasabi for every each Contestant. Must Finish it one by one and who finish it first will WIN the Game.
One plate for one Contestant (One Entry)
7 Contestant participate in this Treasure No. 3 Sushi Challenge.
Representative from Entry No.11, Miss Joan Bong is taking the Sushi Challenge by eating Wasabi Sushi.

Contestant for Entry No.9, Jason Ting can't stand the Taste of the Wasabi. Feel like wanna vomit ! Ha ha ha ha
[ From Left to Right ] Contestant Entry No.19 Iris Chan, Entry No.12 Lee Pui Kan & Entry No.7 Bong Shin Khai is taking the Sushi Challenge. Slow slow eat and Steady. 
Contestant Entry No. 9 can't stand the Power of Wasabi.

See how red is his eyes.
Representative from Entry No.2, Ryan Ong. Can't stand the power of Wasabi.
OHHH YEAH !! The Winner !!! Representative for Entry No. 2 !! CONGRATULATIONS. You gained Extra Bonus of 100 LIKES.

[ Treasure No. 2 ] Extra +100 Likes

09.02.2014 (Sunday) -

Clue 1  :  Be all geared up to take a ride and spot around ! Limited time only.

Clue 2  :  Di negara tercinta Malaysia saya dilahirkan. Khidmat saya untuk membawa keluarga dan kawan keluar bersama. Putih saya diwarnakan, Saya memakai kasut getah. "Kunci" yang diidamkan di tangan saya. Di sebuah bangunan yang berbulu lebat akan saya tunggu. Kesabaran saya untuk menunggu tercabar - sejam saja saya menanti. Dari masa bertengah hari ke satu petang akan saya tunggu saja.
Clue 3  : Spot me and do the necessary to strike your pot of LIKES!

Clue 4  : I am here!

The Winner of Treasure No. 2

[ Treasure No. 1 ] Extra +100 Likes

08.02.2014 (Saturday) - Here is the 1st Treasure which contains Extra Bonus of "100 LIKES". Those who can find this Treasure will Automatically get Extra 100 Likes which will be added into His/Her Contest Entry or He/She can "Donate" or "Give" this 100 Likes Bonus to any Contest Entry He/She preferred. Members must find this Special Kuching Food Critics Badge (The 1st Treasure) to gain Extra Bonus 100 LIKES. The Badge is look like this ...

CLUE 1   :  Location is at Poscode 93350.
CLUE 2   :  I feel that I'm in Taiwan. Oh yah !
CLUE 3   :  Ask the Treasure Keeper "What's Ah Ong's favourite ? Can i have it?"

The backdrop for this Treasure Kept. Good Luck !!

The Winner of Treasure No. 1