Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sushi Tokoro @ CityOne.

After seeing and reading so many Negatives Feedback & Complaints about this Sushi Tokoro @ CityOne, I gave them a visit today. This is my Honest Feedback after my visit. First of all, I would like to tell all members here that ... "I think they have improved !". The service they gave me is "Nice" and i don't have any complaints about their service. But seriously, some of the Food i ordered need a bit of "Improvement". Here is my Honest review ..

# 1.10pm - Reached Sushi Tokoro @ CityOne. Queuing up for table.
# 1.13pm - Staff managed to find a Table for us. Great ! Near the Counter. Hehehe.
# 1.14pm - Waiter immediately come to take order. First, We ordered California Temaki & was told there's no stock. Then never mind. We ordered Hot Ocha, Baked Cheese Mussels, Japanese Pancake & Chicken Teriyaki Bento Set. The Kaiten Belt is full of Sushi.
# 1.18pm - Me & my friends chit chat while waiting for our food to be served. Suddenly a waiter come to our table & said "Can i take your order?". I told him "I have already ordered" and he said "Ohh Ok. Thanks !"
# 1.19pm - Hot Ocha (Rm1.00 per cup. Can refill) served.
# 1.31pm - Japanese Pancake (Rm9.90) served. Not bad. Quite nice.. My personal rating (7/10)
# 1.45pm - Chicken Teriyaki Bento Set (Rm16.90) served. This one need a bit of improvement in term of Presentation & taste. My personal rating (4/10)
# 1.53pm - Baked Cheese Mussels (Rm12.00) served. Not so nice but Bolehlah. My personal rating (4/10)
# 2.03pm - I asked the waiter to refill our Ocha.
# 2.04pm - Our Ocha is filled immediately.
# 2.13pm - Suddenly the Restaurant Manager came to our Table & asked "Is all Food served ?". I replied "Ohh Yess.. Very Good!" and he smile.
# 2.23pm - Pay money and Yeah ! Got 20% promo discount and i leave happily.

I think they have improve already & I hope that i have this Satisfactory "Dine-In" is not because they know who i am or what ? Just wish that, Food Operator can accept your Customers feedback either Negative or Positive for future and better improvement. To those members who have Negative experience, I do hope that maybe you can give Sushi Tokoro another chance. I believe they will improve from time to time. Nobody is born to be perfect straight away ! Ohh yahh, The price of the Sushi is cheaper if compare with Sushi King or Sakae Sushi.