Sunday, 15 December 2013

Do you know ?


Do you know that all Advertisement Fees or Profits earned by Kuching Food Critics will be use for Charity Purposes or any other events or activities which will be going to be organize in future for the benefits of everyone in the group ?

We, The Admins of Kuching Food Critics won't use even single cents of our profits for our own benefits or whatsoever.. 
In Kuching Food Critics, All the Admins is Volunteering in doing all this is for 3 Purposes !  3F Concepts ..
For your information, Kuching Food Critics & some of our Active members here will join be working together in Sponsoring Cash Money and then to Buy and pack the presents and will distribute all the presents to the Paediatric Ward patients at Sarawak General Hospital coming this 22nd December 2013 ? and Ohh Yes ! Our Kuching Food Critics, CEO, Mr. Ong will be the Santa as told/selected by the Organizer.. LOL !
We would like to Thanks every members here for giving & showing your supports towards the Group & to those Food Operator who had pay to advertise in Kuching Food Critics, The money that you spend is for the good meaning use !