Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Ramadan Bazaar at Stutong

Stutong Ramadhan Bazaar next to the MBKS Stutong Market.

What I love about Ramadhan month, has got to be the Ramadhan Bazaars. You can get to see, buy, taste and enjoy a wide variety of Malay cuisine and Muslim Food. Recently I took a journey to the one next to the MBKS Stutong Market.

When I first step into the bazaar, I was surprised to see a huge load of sugarcane husk by this particular Sugar Cane drink seller. Wow! This has got to be alot of Sugarcane drinks sold. (Yes, mind the sakai-ness).
That's alot of sugarcane.

 Another thing that is fascinating is the wide array of drinks, ranging from solid colours to the rainbow colours. One famous drink called "Sarawak Cendol" is pretty nice. But for me, it was a bit too sweet for my taste.
Colourful drinks on display.

At the Ramadhan Bazaar, you will never fail to be overwhelmed by the smokey but fragrant smell of BBQ fish. You have the popular Terubok, and the sardines and mackerels  which tasted superb grilled. A healthy dose of sambal for these Sardines make it a spicy affair.
BBQ Fish with Sambal.

It was less crowded when I went, as most stalls were already sold out. But nevertheless, we managed to get some really nice decent food.
Being quite late, crowd wasn't too much.

Bombay Masala, had at least 3 stalls throughout the bazaar. Talk about really good marketing technique. They serve a pretty good Nasi Briyani with your choice of Chicken Curry, Lamb Curry or Beef Curry. You can also get Roti Canai freshly made.
Nasi Briyani seller. He would hit the "Tong" with the plate to grab attention.

Guy in red cap also wanted to post for the camera.

One stall that caught my attention was "Kebab Guy". He was swinging and grooving his body while cutting the kebab. 10 point for showmanship "Kebab Guy"!
Dancing "Kebab Man"

Something that we immediately ate after we left the bazaar was this Roti John. The filling were very generous with alot of sauce. Sauce that oozes out when you take each and every single bite.
Roti John.

You know it's good when every bite you take, a little sauce oozes out.

Kebab Madu, was another variant of the Kebab, with two flavours to choose from, they stuff the filling into a bun, and you eat it like a burger. Overall tastewise just average for me.
Two flavours of fillings.

Many variants to choose from.

So after a good 30 mins of circling the Bazaar, we ended up with enough to fill our tummies with delicious yet wallet friendly food. We had hope to come back and try out the other things that we missed, as well as check out other bazaars in the future. That we shall leave to another episode.
We will be back!