Monday, 15 July 2013

Pasar Tani MJC, Batu Kawa

I am of those person who LOVES to browse through markets. It is here that you find all sort of goodies both known and unknown. It gives me this sense of excitement of exploration. In terms of food that are both cooked and uncooked, knick knacks, produces that are both exotic and farmed. One of my favourite market to visit now would be the Pasar Tani MJC in Batu Kawa. Every week, I go by, there is always this likelihood that I will be surprised by something new that I encounter there. It was also right in this very market, that spurred me to try the infamous Sago worm that can either be an extreme local delight or horror to some. Above shows the usual starting point for myself and the hubs for our exploration for the trip of the week which usually commences on Thursday as this is the first operating day for the market. They are opened every Thursday and Friday but Thursday being the best day as produces both raw and cooked are the freshest on this day for us. Here, right at the beginning you will be greeted by the smokey smell of both seafood and poultry being barbecued. One starts to salivate right at the very beginning of the journey. The hubs already unable to resist has started first purchase for the trip within steps into the market - steamed peanuts. Next on, we saw how ducks were prepared for customers to be purchased where they would use a blowtorch to burn off  fine feathers.

 As we walk along, I am tickled by some of the sights that I see being a city girl you know, so a little bit "sakai" no? Anyway, as I mentioned before, it is right here in such a market that you can find produces of all kinds. You want them raw? You got it. You want them fresh from the jungle? You got it. You want it cooked? You got it. Craving for quirky snacks? Look and walk around, you would most likely bump into it. 

Just look at the arrays of snacks and colours. Believe me my friend, this is just the tip of the iceberg itself.  I must however, take the time to highlight an old timer snack pictured on the top right of the collage above. These were my parents favourite and to this day, they too still love it. I have never discovered the actual name as everyone seems to have their own terms but hey at the end of the day, what does it matter as long as it is good on the palate and satisfies the crave for a good snack eh? Back to the story at hand, my parents call this cucur cerdeh but some also refer to it cucur rodeh. This is definitely by far one of the best in Kuching that I personally have had as the stall owner is superbly generous with the herbs added into it. Deep friend to the perfect crispness by either his children or his wife and sold to you piping hot. Mmm!! Need I say more. Sometimes, even knowing how hot it is, I cant help but pinch a piece only to have my ownself hopping around from the extreme heat I hosted in my mouth but every single burn I experience is worth every crunch of the aromatic cucur in my mouth. 
However, please dont just take my word for it. Take a day to explore for yourself and experience that little shiver of discovering something new to tickle your palate or even your senses. Then hopefully you would share with me what I have shared with you! Adieu!