Friday, 12 July 2013

Kuching Food Festival Invasion!

We Came, We Saw, We Conquered!
The annual Kuching Food Festival once again is held at the MBKS Jubilee grounds, from 12th July 2013 to 5th August 2013. Kuching Food Critics was given a chance to "work" for ACE Grilled Burger on the first day of the event. With over 200 stalls, selling a variety of yummylicious food, can we cover all of them? I don't think so.

First order of the day was to locate the stall where our Kuching Food Critics admin was. Wasn't too hard to find, it was just about 10 stalls from the main entrance.

Looks like he is really concentrating. Better not disturb the concentration. We ordered a Pork burger and a Beef burger.

Oklah, looks really busy with that one piece of bun.

Proud that ACE Grilled Burger supported the Group with our Group logo on their shirt.

Before we tour the site, a useful tip we would like to share is, if you are holding the table while your family goes to buy food, it's wise to put the chairs like this. This means that the chairs are and will be used, and people don't have to ask if the chair is available.

Below are some of the many stalls available. Will try to give a brief description about each of them.

Naked Fish. Sounds interesting, and posted by members on the group, it does look good.

The Mua-Chee stall with various flavours.

Teochew Oyster. I think they must have been at least two stalls.

There's also beer.

Butcher's Deli makes an appearance. On sale are the pork sausages. If not mistaken there are 3 flavours to choose from.

Howdy's Grillhouse located quite on the edge.

Pandan Thai Delight.

Chubby Baba. Used to be at Sama Jaya Roundabout. Currently they have a stall at tHe Spring Food Court.

Some of the Nyonya kuih on display.

There's a back alley with some more stalls. Don't miss it/

I've got to say that Gourmet Sausage has quite an impressive stall this year. Love the "Sauce Station" concept.

These are nice to eat while strolling and looking for more food.

Mongolian Master a unique steamboat restaurant is also there.

Squid King. Name is interesting.

Dragon Whisker. It's basically a hair thin dough wrapped peanut fillings. Must be eaten fresh or else the dough get pretty hard.


Vietnamese Cuisine stall.

Sausage Food Republic.

Legendary Thai Restaurant by Lok Thian group. The Chicken Feet and Pineapple Rice are my favorite.

This looks interesting. Will try day.

This is the highly talked about Fried Fresh Milk. The queue was too long for me.

Sanga is available too. 

New Chef's Delicious has on display it's wedding themed table.

Gingerbread House.
 After walking around and finally turn to leave, I spot the map to the entire fair. It's a pretty huge fair this year. Kudos to Mayor Dato' James Chan and his crew for improving it year after year.

Some of the food we managed to tapau-ed home.

Sausage Rolls from the Incredible Hog.


Dragon's Whiskers.

Vietnamese Springroll from Saigon Stall