Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Agantea, CityOne

Terms & Condition

Promotion 1 - 15% Discount of total bill
- Exclusively for Kuching Food Critics members.
- Members must show the cover photo to entitle discount before purchase.

Promotion 2 - Free vouchers for first 100 post on A Gan Tea Malaysia Facebook
Step 1 – Like A Gan Tea Malaysia Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/agantea.my)
Step 2 – Post our drinks with yourself in our FB page
Step 3 – Share with your lovely friends & family (let them have a chance to win vouchers as well)

- First 50 posts entitle to FREE medium size drink voucher ( Selections of A Gan Signature Milk Tea, Bubble Milk Tea, and Hawaiian Fruit Tea)
- The next 50 posts entitle to BUY 1 FREE 1 voucher (Free drink must be same or lower price)
- Share and tag your friends and family on your post to win a FREE drink voucher for your love one (3 lucky friends and family will be selected daily for the promotion week)
- Each members only entitle to one voucher.
- Vouchers will be sent by email by 7th January 2014

Promotion 3 – FREE Gift with purchase above RM30 on single bill

* Management reserve the right to amend the Terms and Condition without prior notice.
**Entitlements of free vouchers are subject to Management final decision.
*** Promotion period – 25 December 2013 to 31 December 2013.
**** Not valid for delivery and stamp collection.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Wakakakakaka Cafe, Brighton Square.

Wakakakakaka!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!! Haven’t found a nice place to celebrate this joyous occasion? Thinking of somewhere not too quiet ‘n’ not too loud? Looking for somewhere where food is good but wallet-friendly? Think no more! As @Wakakakaka CafĂ© is just the place you are looking for!! This Xmas Dinner Package comes with One-of-a-kind salads, FREE-FLOW unlimited Mushroom Soup, 4 luxurious Main Courses to choose from, additional Side Dish, Homemade Special Ice-cream Dessert, and best of all… 2 glasses of LIFE POTION!!! All of these for only RM64 per pax.

KFC members who whisper to our staffs: “Wakakakakaka!! I am a KFC Member!!” will get an extra refill of LIFE POTION.

Limited to one refill per person. Like their page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wakakakaka-Cafe/326732700780705 for extra information.

Contact or SMS (014 – 325 3825) to make a reservation or any other enquiries.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

GeorgPeck Kuching

"WOWWW !!! New Promo for all Kuching Food Critics members this week."
# Tomato Honey Ice Blended at only RM6.90 (Original Price at RM7.90).
# Waffles at only RM5.90 (Original Price at RM7.90)
# Waffles with Ice Cream at only RM6.90 (Original Price at RM8.90)

Promotions valid from 18/12/2013 - 31/12/2013 for Dine in Only. Delivery is not available. To entitle discount, What you need to do is : -
(1) Like "Kuching Food Critics" Group and show to Georg Peck staff during your order.
(2) Like "Georg Peck" Page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Georgpeck-kuching/637370232959655

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Do you know ?


Do you know that all Advertisement Fees or Profits earned by Kuching Food Critics will be use for Charity Purposes or any other events or activities which will be going to be organize in future for the benefits of everyone in the group ?

We, The Admins of Kuching Food Critics won't use even single cents of our profits for our own benefits or whatsoever.. 
In Kuching Food Critics, All the Admins is Volunteering in doing all this is for 3 Purposes !  3F Concepts ..
For your information, Kuching Food Critics & some of our Active members here will join be working together in Sponsoring Cash Money and then to Buy and pack the presents and will distribute all the presents to the Paediatric Ward patients at Sarawak General Hospital coming this 22nd December 2013 ? and Ohh Yes ! Our Kuching Food Critics, CEO, Mr. Ong will be the Santa as told/selected by the Organizer.. LOL !
We would like to Thanks every members here for giving & showing your supports towards the Group & to those Food Operator who had pay to advertise in Kuching Food Critics, The money that you spend is for the good meaning use !

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Flinders Station Promotion

YES !!! Christmas is coming soon...
Plan to have Turkey for your Christmas Dinner ? Well, No more worries ! Introducing.. Roasted Stuffed Turkey (10LBS) comes with 2 Sauces & Parsley Potato & Salad for your great coming Christmas Dinner... Only available at Flinders Station at a Special price of RM250.00 
(HURRY !! Limited to 80 Birds Only) 

For more information, Please call 016-886 4240

Monday, 25 November 2013


HOORAY !! Thanks to all Kuching Food Critics members & fans who are actively show your supports towards our Facebook Group - http://www.facebook.com/groups/kuchingfoodcritics/ . 

We are now growing to 20,000+ members and We would like to Thanks everyone for all the Great postings and comments. Without you all, We are nothing... !!

Stay tune for more rewards and promotions for all our beloved members.... 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Lovey Dovey Cupcakes - Humble Beginnings

Lovey Dovey Cupcakes™ - Their humble beginning
Founders: Josephine Ong & Benson Kho

Josephine's passion for baking coupled with her partner, Benson's craving for sweet treats found their way into the beginning of a hobby turned business. Lovey Dovey Cupcakes™ was featured in the Borneo Post as Sarawak's first cupcake store exclusively selling American cupcakes. Founded ever since 2007 this is the story of their humble beginning.

"In 2004 when I was an exchange student to America, I fell in love with the American culture and their food, especially deserts. I would try out sweet treats whenever I visited different places like Milwaukee, Washington and Chicago. It was in a particular bakery in Chicago I fell in love with cupcakes. Blessed with a loving American host family that loves baking, taught and inspired me into baking my own deserts. Then one day the idea just came to us, why not we make our own cupcakes Josephine said to me," recalled co-founder Benson Kho.

The self-professed American cupcake lover had tasted enough during his stay in the US to realize there wasn't a cupcake in Kuching that he could covet back then. They were either too dry and not as sweet as it supposed to be, or laden with fresh cream instead of American frosting.

"I'm very picky when it comes to what I consume because of my body's sensitivity towards certain food. It's hard finding food that suits me. That was the reason I came into preparing my own meals and baking. It is also why I take quality and ingredients very seriously. Soon I just enjoy it so much. After having the idea of baking our own American cupcakes, we started giving extras to family and friends. Eventually people started ordering from us and it wasn't long till we started selling them online as a part-time home based business," said co-founder Josephine Ong.

After completing college, they decided to turn Lovey Dovey Cupcakes™ from home based to a full time business. In 2011 they opened their first outlet at One Jaya Lifestyle Mall.

Benson - "At first we face a lot of challenges and it wasn't easy. Cupcakes was a new trend in Kuching back then and not many people actually know what they are or supposed to taste like. Many couldn't differentiate between muffins and cupcakes. Then people start hearing about the cupcake craze, but most didn't know how and where this craze originated from. It was therefore a challenge to introduce something new and try to be accepted by society. It is because of my love for American cupcakes, that we first started this business. Lovey Dovey Cupcakes™ is all about originality and staying true to its American roots because it's our passion to offer people authentic American cupcakes and not a localized version. Everything just goes from how it tasted and not how it looked. Other challenges are when it comes to certain people trying to copy our trade dress (our signature one line sprinkle across the middle of our cupcakes to symbolize our simple concept) especially our Red Velvet. It's sad to see things like this happen amongst fellow bakers but on the brighter side we are glad our cupcakes inspired others."

Josephine - "Yes we face many challenges. At first we had to go through discouraging comments and doubts from some family members and friends. We had to save up our own capital from scratch and only managed to have a simple outlet. Then there's our age - in the beginning there were some customers who would "looked down" on us because of our young age and to be honest it was quite difficult for us. Despite all these I'm a person that believe nothing is impossible as long as you persevere and put in the hardwork. I must say we are also very grateful for the support and encouragement from family and friends, especially our loyal customers. To control quality, we do this hands on all by ourselves so it does get tiring especially when we need to work from 10am-10pm 365 days. But if you ask me, I'd say it's all worth it when I see how our cupcakes bring happiness to people."

In January 2013, Lovey Dovey Cupcakes™ moved to their new outlet in Plaza Merdeka Mall. Located at LG (lower ground floor), it is easily accessible from basement carpark and from the entrance coming in from India street/Old Court House where customers can conveniently pickup cupcakes or get them before leaving the mall. Today, they continue to serve people cupcakes, brownies and chocolate chip cookies, all made in Sarawak but with the authentic American way. Choose from any 16 daily flavors ranging from their signature variety like Red Velvet, semi sweet variety: Choco-G (American chocolate) and sweeter variety: Vanilla and more.

Benson & Josephine - "Our mission is - "To bring joy and love into people’s lives through the act of sharing and giving." Hence our competitive price from as low as Rm 3.50 each for all large premium quality cupcakes, because we believe everyone is entitled to happiness. We started of from nothing but an idea and our passion. We continuously learn from our mistakes and failures to improve, but regardless of what others might think or say, we will continue to do the things that we love and share it with people. We believe everyone have their own dreams, their own story, their own opinion and their own taste, but this is who we are. So if sweet thing is your thing, Lovey Dovey Cupcakes™ is here for you - our motto: "Sweet people love our cupcakes". We sincerely thank you all, we won't have come this far without your continuous support."

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Guo Guo Xiang BBQ Steamboat @ Jalan Song

Promotion End ! Thank you for your support ! 
SPECIAL PROMOTION for Kuching Food Critics members only !

Guo Guo Xiang BBQ Steamboat @ Ground Floor, Lot 11386, Tabuan Heights, PH Commercial Centre, Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching / (Contact : 010-9780887) / Operating Hours : Monday to Sunday from 5.00pm to 12.00pm. / Serve No Pork No Lard.

# Promotion start on : 16/09/2013 to 30/09/2013.
# Minimum 4 persons to enjoy RM20.00 per person (Original Price is RM28.00 per person)

# Terms & Conditions -
(1) Must be a member of Kuching Food Critics & show promotional banner.
(2) Like Guo Guo Xiang Steamboat page. http://www.facebook.com/GuoGuoXiangBbqSteamboat?fref=ts
(3) 1 day advanced booking required.

# 4 types of broth available (Chicken, Laksa, Tom Yam & Foochow Zhao Cai)

Korean Colors @ CityOne

YES !! TODAY OPEN for those Popcorn Lover..
Korean Colors serve premium Mushroom Popcorn & Patbingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert)

Upon Korean Colors opening, we are proud to announce that all Kuching Food Critics beloved members are entitled of 10% discount off their Mushroom Popcorns.

Simply flash this Korean Colors post in KFC group before making your order. Promotion period: 14 September 2013 to 21 September 2013.

For more info on the menu and prices, please ‘LIKE’ their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/koreancolors


Monday, 9 September 2013

Ucha @ CityOne

U CHA will ‘fix’ your craving for the day! U CHA quality imported varieties and local fresh ingredients will not fail your taste bud <Just make sure to customize your sugar and ice level>

Bonus Offer: Redeem this deal at Summer Mall outlet; get an extra ‘upsize’ drink for free <in a single receipt>.

See you all soon

Any feedback on U CHA can be sent to: uchasarawak.marketing@gmail.com or leave a message at our Facebook page listed above.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Red Velvet Promotion @ Lovey Dovey Cupcakes

Terms & conditions:
1. Must be member of "KFC" and
2. LIKE our page at www.facebook.com/LoveyDoveyCupcakes
3. Limited to 2 pieces per person each day
4. Valid while stock last
5. This is a limited time offer only
6. Lovey Dovey Cupcakes reserve the rights to change any and all terms & conditions without prior notice.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Breakfast Promotion @ NK Food Network

nk food network - Breakfast Promotion!

Operation Hours:
Monday to Friday - 8.30am to 10.00pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday - 8.30am to 4.00pm

For enquiries:-
Nana Poh - 016-860 8871
Kimberly Ang - 019-817 2329

Sublot 18 Central Park, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce
93200 Kuching Sarawak.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Coconut Sprout @ Ya Pong

First time encounter and tried this thanks to a friend.
Gotta get used to the spongy texture though. It's sort of an aquired taste.
If not mistaken you can get it from those shops selling santan. And not all coconuts will have this.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Sushi @ JP Mart

JP Mart offers a wide range of takeaway Sushi.
On top of that it also offers discounted rates of 20% at 6pm and 40% at 8pm for sushi items on the shelf.
Last but not least they have the most hilarious "3 Line Stories" on their Facebook page and the boss is called Sum Ting Wong.
Location is back entrance next to Grappa.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Durian Buffet @ Zozo, Jln Keranji

Finally Durian Buffet in Kuching!

Available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Dunno until when but next week the ladyboss confirm got.

RM15 per head.

Penang Seafood @ Ciak Pa Boi, Jalan Penrissen

Formerly from Central Inn, they are now operating from Ciak Pa Boi.

Recommended to try are:-
1) Fried Kueh Tiaw
2) Crab Porridge

Operating Hours:
Off on Tuesday

T4 Tea For U @ CityOne Megamall

10% OFF For Kuching Food Critics Facebook Group members (25th August 2013 to 1st September 2013).

Specially for Kuching Food Critics beloved members,

Now serving A Cup Of Tea For U! 
ENJOY 10% DISCOUNT OFF YOUR DRINKS, by flashing T4 banner in KFC group before making your order. Promotion period: 25 August 2013 to 1 September 2013

For more info on the menu and prices, please ‘LIKE’ their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/T4Kuching

Location: T53A & T53, 3rd Floor, CityOne Megamall, 93350 Kuching, Malaysia (same floor with GSC)

Recommended Favourites:
Elegant Lady Rose Tea
Perilla Plum Green Tea
Passion Fruit Smoothie
Mango Royal Tea
Peppermint Milk Tea
Grass Jelly Milk Tea

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Tom's Pizza @ Dalight, King Centre.

Tom has announce that the outlet at 3-in-1 Kopitiam has cease operation.
Tom will continue making his  yummylicious pizza at Dalight, King Centre.
Operating Hours:
12.30pm to 9.30pm (last order).
Mondays Off

Pork-A-Hole @ Pig's Barn

Tried the Doughnut Burger from Pig's Barn at Coffeetalk, Jalan Setia Raja.

That is one wicked Burger!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

2013 MAXimize Life Cancer Awareness Campaign - supported by Kuching Food Critics

Children Affected by Cancer – is the focus of MAX’s (Cancer Patients' Support Group) 2013 MAXimize Life Cancer Awareness Campaign. Your love and courage would be a significant support for children affected by cancer, to face the challenge bravely.

With your RM30 donation, we represent you to donate a copy of Maximo and the Big C to children affected by cancer in Malaysia.
Our goal is to donate Maximo and the Big C to at least 2,000 children affected by cancer in Malaysia.
You can help us to achieve this goal!

Be part of the caring community

ACT before 15 September 2013! Click on Max Family website for more details


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Experience the Tribal Evolution today!

Kuching Food Critics in collaboration with Absolute Tribal Restaurant, proudly brings you Laksiam Seafood Terong Dayak!

Now Special Price of RM20+ instead of RM30+, only for Kuching Food Critics Facebook Group members!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Dorset Cafe @ Dorset Boutique Hotel

One would never expect any good food coming from a hotel coffee house at a 5 star hotel let alone a Boutique Hotel. But this hidden gem is worth exploring. Atmosphere is quiet and peaceful. Good for any business meetings or just to chill and relax. 

The Ayam Penyet is one of the best I've tasted so far and the Nasi Goreng portion was quite huge. Overall a satisfying meal!

Nasi Ayam Penyet.
Nasi Goreng Kampung.
What is a good meal without coffee?

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Korean BBQ @ Fusion Grill, Brighton Square

The grill itself was already interesting. It has dual heating element on top and bottom.
Since this was part of a Groupon deal, it came with 3 side orders. We got the kimchi and bayam veggie side orders refilled for 3 times and it was free of charge.

Fun Factor and Atmosphere of the restaurant is good. Staff are super friendly and courteous. Definitely will return.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Crabs Crabs Crabs! @ MJC Pasar Tani

The MJC Pasar Tani has sprung many surprises in the past. For this time round, we decided to stop and buy some crabs from this auntie. She managed to pick 3 female crabs loaded with "eggs" and i requested for a big male one.

Check out the "eggs". Impressive?

*MJC Pasar Tani is available on Thursday and Friday evenings. Located just behind the shops. You will not miss it.

Many crabs to choose from.

Very good service. Chooses for you, and even helps to get rid of the icky stuff!

Oh man! Looks at those "eggs"

Nom Nom Nom~

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Ramadan Bazaar at Stutong

Stutong Ramadhan Bazaar next to the MBKS Stutong Market.

What I love about Ramadhan month, has got to be the Ramadhan Bazaars. You can get to see, buy, taste and enjoy a wide variety of Malay cuisine and Muslim Food. Recently I took a journey to the one next to the MBKS Stutong Market.

When I first step into the bazaar, I was surprised to see a huge load of sugarcane husk by this particular Sugar Cane drink seller. Wow! This has got to be alot of Sugarcane drinks sold. (Yes, mind the sakai-ness).
That's alot of sugarcane.

 Another thing that is fascinating is the wide array of drinks, ranging from solid colours to the rainbow colours. One famous drink called "Sarawak Cendol" is pretty nice. But for me, it was a bit too sweet for my taste.
Colourful drinks on display.

At the Ramadhan Bazaar, you will never fail to be overwhelmed by the smokey but fragrant smell of BBQ fish. You have the popular Terubok, and the sardines and mackerels  which tasted superb grilled. A healthy dose of sambal for these Sardines make it a spicy affair.
BBQ Fish with Sambal.

It was less crowded when I went, as most stalls were already sold out. But nevertheless, we managed to get some really nice decent food.
Being quite late, crowd wasn't too much.

Bombay Masala, had at least 3 stalls throughout the bazaar. Talk about really good marketing technique. They serve a pretty good Nasi Briyani with your choice of Chicken Curry, Lamb Curry or Beef Curry. You can also get Roti Canai freshly made.
Nasi Briyani seller. He would hit the "Tong" with the plate to grab attention.

Guy in red cap also wanted to post for the camera.

One stall that caught my attention was "Kebab Guy". He was swinging and grooving his body while cutting the kebab. 10 point for showmanship "Kebab Guy"!
Dancing "Kebab Man"

Something that we immediately ate after we left the bazaar was this Roti John. The filling were very generous with alot of sauce. Sauce that oozes out when you take each and every single bite.
Roti John.

You know it's good when every bite you take, a little sauce oozes out.

Kebab Madu, was another variant of the Kebab, with two flavours to choose from, they stuff the filling into a bun, and you eat it like a burger. Overall tastewise just average for me.
Two flavours of fillings.

Many variants to choose from.

So after a good 30 mins of circling the Bazaar, we ended up with enough to fill our tummies with delicious yet wallet friendly food. We had hope to come back and try out the other things that we missed, as well as check out other bazaars in the future. That we shall leave to another episode.
We will be back!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Pasar Tani MJC, Batu Kawa

I am of those person who LOVES to browse through markets. It is here that you find all sort of goodies both known and unknown. It gives me this sense of excitement of exploration. In terms of food that are both cooked and uncooked, knick knacks, produces that are both exotic and farmed. One of my favourite market to visit now would be the Pasar Tani MJC in Batu Kawa. Every week, I go by, there is always this likelihood that I will be surprised by something new that I encounter there. It was also right in this very market, that spurred me to try the infamous Sago worm that can either be an extreme local delight or horror to some. Above shows the usual starting point for myself and the hubs for our exploration for the trip of the week which usually commences on Thursday as this is the first operating day for the market. They are opened every Thursday and Friday but Thursday being the best day as produces both raw and cooked are the freshest on this day for us. Here, right at the beginning you will be greeted by the smokey smell of both seafood and poultry being barbecued. One starts to salivate right at the very beginning of the journey. The hubs already unable to resist has started first purchase for the trip within steps into the market - steamed peanuts. Next on, we saw how ducks were prepared for customers to be purchased where they would use a blowtorch to burn off  fine feathers.

 As we walk along, I am tickled by some of the sights that I see being a city girl you know, so a little bit "sakai" no? Anyway, as I mentioned before, it is right here in such a market that you can find produces of all kinds. You want them raw? You got it. You want them fresh from the jungle? You got it. You want it cooked? You got it. Craving for quirky snacks? Look and walk around, you would most likely bump into it. 

Just look at the arrays of snacks and colours. Believe me my friend, this is just the tip of the iceberg itself.  I must however, take the time to highlight an old timer snack pictured on the top right of the collage above. These were my parents favourite and to this day, they too still love it. I have never discovered the actual name as everyone seems to have their own terms but hey at the end of the day, what does it matter as long as it is good on the palate and satisfies the crave for a good snack eh? Back to the story at hand, my parents call this cucur cerdeh but some also refer to it cucur rodeh. This is definitely by far one of the best in Kuching that I personally have had as the stall owner is superbly generous with the herbs added into it. Deep friend to the perfect crispness by either his children or his wife and sold to you piping hot. Mmm!! Need I say more. Sometimes, even knowing how hot it is, I cant help but pinch a piece only to have my ownself hopping around from the extreme heat I hosted in my mouth but every single burn I experience is worth every crunch of the aromatic cucur in my mouth. 
However, please dont just take my word for it. Take a day to explore for yourself and experience that little shiver of discovering something new to tickle your palate or even your senses. Then hopefully you would share with me what I have shared with you! Adieu!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Kuching Food Festival Invasion!

We Came, We Saw, We Conquered!
The annual Kuching Food Festival once again is held at the MBKS Jubilee grounds, from 12th July 2013 to 5th August 2013. Kuching Food Critics was given a chance to "work" for ACE Grilled Burger on the first day of the event. With over 200 stalls, selling a variety of yummylicious food, can we cover all of them? I don't think so.

First order of the day was to locate the stall where our Kuching Food Critics admin was. Wasn't too hard to find, it was just about 10 stalls from the main entrance.

Looks like he is really concentrating. Better not disturb the concentration. We ordered a Pork burger and a Beef burger.

Oklah, looks really busy with that one piece of bun.

Proud that ACE Grilled Burger supported the Group with our Group logo on their shirt.

Before we tour the site, a useful tip we would like to share is, if you are holding the table while your family goes to buy food, it's wise to put the chairs like this. This means that the chairs are and will be used, and people don't have to ask if the chair is available.

Below are some of the many stalls available. Will try to give a brief description about each of them.

Naked Fish. Sounds interesting, and posted by members on the group, it does look good.

The Mua-Chee stall with various flavours.

Teochew Oyster. I think they must have been at least two stalls.

There's also beer.

Butcher's Deli makes an appearance. On sale are the pork sausages. If not mistaken there are 3 flavours to choose from.

Howdy's Grillhouse located quite on the edge.

Pandan Thai Delight.

Chubby Baba. Used to be at Sama Jaya Roundabout. Currently they have a stall at tHe Spring Food Court.

Some of the Nyonya kuih on display.

There's a back alley with some more stalls. Don't miss it/

I've got to say that Gourmet Sausage has quite an impressive stall this year. Love the "Sauce Station" concept.

These are nice to eat while strolling and looking for more food.

Mongolian Master a unique steamboat restaurant is also there.

Squid King. Name is interesting.

Dragon Whisker. It's basically a hair thin dough wrapped peanut fillings. Must be eaten fresh or else the dough get pretty hard.


Vietnamese Cuisine stall.

Sausage Food Republic.

Legendary Thai Restaurant by Lok Thian group. The Chicken Feet and Pineapple Rice are my favorite.

This looks interesting. Will try it....one day.

This is the highly talked about Fried Fresh Milk. The queue was too long for me.

Sanga is available too. 

New Chef's Delicious has on display it's wedding themed table.

Gingerbread House.
 After walking around and finally turn to leave, I spot the map to the entire fair. It's a pretty huge fair this year. Kudos to Mayor Dato' James Chan and his crew for improving it year after year.

Some of the food we managed to tapau-ed home.

Sausage Rolls from the Incredible Hog.


Dragon's Whiskers.

Vietnamese Springroll from Saigon Stall