Monday, 14 January 2019

Seafood and Grill Combo Night Buffet @ Pullman Kuching

Seafood and Grill Combo Night Buffet

Location :
Pullman Kuching @ Puzzle Restaurant.
No. 1A, Jalan Mathies, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.

Contact :
082 - 222 888 Ext 2101 / 

Availability :
Every Friday and Saturday from 6.30pm till 10.00pm.

Price Per Person :
RM88.00+ per person / Half Price for Children aged 12 years and below / Complimentary for Children 5 years old and below.


Front view of Puzzle Restaurant @ Pullman Kuching.

For Starters, Diners can start their culinary adventure by browsing the bar featuring a variety of fresh seafood on the ice counter ranging from poached prawns, half shell mussels, fresh oysters to poached clams.

The main dishes are designed to be simple yet satisfying and each dish selection includes seafood, vegetables and meat. Creamy mash potato seafood fried bee hoon, roasted chicken with BBQ Sauce, wok fried prawn with oat butter sauce, wok fried mixed vegetable with oyster sauce, tulang rawang masak terung asam and corn on cob just to name a few.

Their chefs have started the fire in barbeque pit for your family and friends so get ready for a feast of delicious barbeque buffet with hearty servings of succulent mini beef steak, lamb chop, chicken wing, chicken drumstick, garlic beef sausage, bratwurst sausage, served with air asam, chili kicap, sambal, limau kasturi, black pepper sauce, BBQ sauce and spicy percik sauce.

Diners can look forward to indulge in their BBQ Seafood Stall Selection and watch your food prepared by their talented culinary team at their action stalls. Only the freshest ingredients and the most authentic spices are used to prepare every meal. Dig into a wide selection of fish served with condiment, Palayak Fillet, Stingray Fillet, Salmon Fillet, Banana Prawn, NZ Mussel and Flower Crab.

An assortment of traditional Malay Kuih Muih and a colourful selection miniature cakes will leave you in awe as you are spoiled for choice. Cap your hearty dinner with a cup of fruit jelly and their bubur of the day.

Salads Section.

Fruits Section.

Drinks Section.

To perfectly round off the night, indulge yourself with a soothing bowl of Air Batu Campur served with colorful condiments or select the ice cream flavor of your choice with your favourite toppings.

Monday, 31 December 2018

Nirawan9 @ Jalan Tabuan Kuching.


Location :
No. 47, Jalan Tabuan, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.
( Beside Dr Cermin, Near SJK Chung Hua No. 1 )

Contact / Email :
016-884 2560 / 019-502 4311 /


Front view of Nirawan9.

Nirawan9 started with a young Thai Lady named Nirawan. Searching for authentic Thai Food to ease her home sickness after she married and moved to Kuching. The Number "9", pronounced as "Khao" means good luck in Thailand is also closely associated to progress (kow-nah) or rice (khao) which is often used for a meal such as "gin khao" that means come to eat a meal.

At Nirawan9, They strongly believed in sharing the delicious authentic "Bolan" Thai Food with the people of Kuching. 

Inside view of Nirawan9.

Inside view of Nirawan9.

All the menu we ordered.

Fish Cake (Thod Man Pla) @ RM12.00

Som Tam Thai @ RM10.00

Yam Wild Fern (Midin) @ RM15.00

Sam Ros Whole Fish @ RM45.00

Green Curry Chicken @ RM20.00

Tom Yam Prawn Red @ RM70.00
( For 8 pax portion )

Seafood Hot Plate (For 4 pax portion) @ RM50.00
Menu is upon Special Request from us.

Steam Rice @ RM1.50 for each pax 
(Photo above is for 4 pax portion)

Mango Sticky Rice @ RM10.00

Red Ruby @ RM4.00

Butterfly Pea Drinks @ RM4.00

Thai Milk Tea @ RM4.50

My Total Receipt.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Tristan Coffee & Roastery @ Queen's Court, Kuching.

Tristan Coffee & Roastery

Location :
Sub-Lot 5 (Unit B), Ground Floor,
Block E, Queen's Court,
93350 Kuching, Sarawak.
( Beside Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan Negeri Sarawak / Opposite Arena Sukan )

Operating Days & Hours :
Open everyday except Wednesday from 10.00am to 12.00 midnight.

Contact Number / Email :
017 - 807 7027 /


Front view of Tristan Coffee & Roastery

Inside view of Tristan Coffee & Roastery.
( Photo taken from their Official Facebook Page ) 

Inside view of Tristan Coffee & Roastery.
( Photo taken from their Official Facebook Page )

Bubble Milk Tea Original @ RM8.50

Ice Coffee Drip @ RM13.50

Red Mango Drinks @ RM15.60

Forest Green Drinks @ RM15.60

[ Menu 1 ]
Fries + Lotus Root & Cheese Dip @ RM12.00

[ Menu 2 ]
Turkey Ham & Mushroom Pizza @ RM24.00 

[ Menu 3 ]
Spaghetti Carbonara @ RM17.00 

[ Menu 4 ]
Crusted Lamb Rack with Burgundy Reduction @ RM52.00 

[ Menu 5 ]
Josper BBQ Wings (1 Dozen) @ RM48.00  

My Total Bill.