Monday, 4 December 2017

Dai Pai Dong @ Lorong Sky Garden 1

Dai Pai Dong Kopitiam

Location :
Lot 3003, 47A - 47B, Lorong Sky Garden 1, Pauline Garden, Kuching, Sarawak.

Contact : 

Operating Hours :
Monday Closed !
Tuesday to Sunday is from 08.30am till 2.00pm & 5.00pm till 11.00pm.


Front view of Dai Pai Dong Kopitiam.

Front & Side view of Dai Pai Dong Kopitiam.

Inside view of Dai Pai Dong Kopitiam (Photo 1/2).

Inside view of Dai Pai Dong Kopitiam (Photo 2/2).

Below is the menu we ordered .....

 Overall (Photo 1/2)

Overall (Photo 2/2)

[ MENU 1 ] 
Lo Bak 3 Layer Pork Spinach Noodle
* Price at RM4.00 per bowl. 
 This one is really Good ! Love the 3 Layer Lo Bak Pork and the Green Spinach Noodles.

 Lo Bak 3 Layer Pork Spinach Noodle (Photo 1/2)

 Lo Bak 3 Layer Pork Spinach Noodle (Photo 2/2)

[ MENU 2 ]
Lee's Family Traditional Lei Cha
* Price at RM6.00 (Without Anchovy) & RM7.00 (With Anchovy).

Traditional Lei Cha with Anchovy (Photo 1/1)

Traditional Lei Cha without Anchovy (Photo 1/1)

They are using Brown Rice for their Lei Cha. 

[ MENU 3 ]
Laksa Special & Normal Laksa
* Price at RM5.00 (For Normal Laksa) & RM10.00 (For Special Laksa).

Special Laksa (Photo 1/3)

Special Laksa (Photo 2/3)

Special Laksa (Photo 3/3)
This is the size of the Prawn they use for the Special Laksa. 

Normal Laksa (Photo 1/2)

Normal Laksa (Photo 2/2)

[ MENU 4 ]
Dry Pan Mee with Soup
* Price at RM6.00.

Dry Pan Mee with Soup (Photo 1/2)

Dry Pan Mee with Soup (Photo 2/2)

[ MENU 5 ] 
Tomato Crispy Mee
* Price at RM6.00.

Tomato Crispy Mee (Photo 1/2)

Tomato Crispy Mee (Photo 2/2)

[ MENU 6 ]
Foochow Noodle
* Price at RM6.00. 

Foochow Noodle (Photo 1/2)

Foochow Noodle (Photo 2/2)

[ MENU 7 ]
Pan Mee Special with Egg
* Price at RM6.00.
Nice and Price is reasonable ! According to the Boss, their Pan Noodle is from Johor.

Pan Mee Special with Egg (Photo 1/2)

Pan Mee Special with Egg (Photo 2/2)

[ MENU 8 ]
Cha Kueh (Sweet & Salty).
* Price at RM5.00. 

Salty Cha Kueh (Photo 1/2)

Salty Cha Kueh (Photo 2/2)

Sweet Cha Kueh (Photo 1/2)

Sweet Cha Kueh (Photo 2/2)

 Currently they have Drinks Promotion which is until stock last. 
( Please refer to photo below )

Friday, 24 November 2017

Odiya Cafe @ Jalan Sungai Maong Baru Kuching

Odiya Cafe
Serves Modern Korean Food

Location :
Ground Floor, Lot 6391 - 6393, Block 207, KNLD, Jalan Sungai Maong Baru Kuching, 93150 Kuching.
( From Forda at Jalan Keretapi, Drive straight till you reach the bridge and see a row of Orange and White Shoplot on your right. That's Odiya Cafe ! )

Operating Hours : 
Monday Closed !
Tuesday to Thursday = 11.00am till 10.00pm
Friday to Sunday = 11.00am till 11.00pm
( Last order for all days are 9.30pm )

Contact Number : 
082 - 550 299

Facebook : 


Front view of Odiya Cafe.

Inside View 1. 
This is the counter where you Queue, Order & Pay for your Coffee and Cakes only.

Inside View 2.

Inside View 3.

Inside View 4.

Inside View 5.

Inside View 6.
A nice cozy corner suitable for lepaking and group discussions with friends. 

They are selling a variety of cakes such as Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe (RM10.90), Chocolate Diva (RM12.90), Baked Pecan Salted Caramel (RM8.90) and etc.

[ Menu 1 ]
 This is Galbitang. Price at RM22.00. It is a Beef Soup which comes with assorted side dishes and steam Rice. We asked them to add in Korean Potato Glass Noodle.

  Galbitang (Photo 1/2)

Galbitang (Photo 2/2)

Galbitang (Beef Soup) with Korean Potato Glass Noodle.
The Beef meat is soft. Soup is perfect !

[ Side Dish 1 ] - Kimchi

[ Side Dish 2 ] - Local Spinach

[ Side Dish 3 ] - Bean Sprout

[ Side Dish 4 ] - Egg Roll
( This is nice ! )

[ Menu 2 ]
Kimchi Soup @ RM25.00 for Medium Size.
Their Kimchi Soup comes with Tuna and Kimchi. Looks spicy but its not. For those who love spicy food can request for extra spicy !
Kimchi Soup comes with 2 size which is RM18.00 for Small size which is suitable for 1 pax however the Medium Size is RM25.00 which is suitable for 2-3 pax.

Kimchi Soup (Photo 1/2)

Kimchi Soup (Photo 2/2)

[ Menu 3 ]
Dolsot Bibimbap @ RM25.00
A Korean traditional rice dish with vegetables and your choice of meat (Beef or Chicken) served in a Hot Stone bowl. You have to stir and mix the whole bowl while its hot, and scrape till the bottom of the bowl for a crunchy rice surprise ! Ohh Yess.. you can request for chilli to add more spiciness. 
Comes with assorted side dishes.

Dolsot Bibimbap (Photo 1/2)

Dolsot Bibimbap (Photo 2/2)

[ Menu 4 ]
Yangnyeom Chicken Wings @ RM30.00 (For 8 pieces)
This one is Good ! It's sweet and delicious ! They have 2 different kinds of Chicken Wings which is Yangnyeom Chicken Wing (Tasted Sweet & Spicy) and Yangnyeom Spicy Chicken Wing (which you can ask for more spicyness). 8 pieces might be a lot for you but have no worries, they also sell 4 pieces of Yangnyeom Chicken Wings at RM16.00 only.

Yangnyeom Chicken Wings (Photo 1/2)

Yangnyeom Chicken Wings (Photo 2/2)

[ Menu 5 ]
Haemul Pajeon @ RM23.00
This is Korean Seafood and Vegetable Pancake. Comes with its Special sauce to dip the slices of the pancake into it and taste the different ! Comes with assorted side dishes.

Haemul Pajeon (Photo 1/2)

Haemul Pajeon (Photo 2/2)

[ Menu 6 ]
Kimchijeon @ RM23.00
Korean Kimchi Pancake. Slightly spicy a bit. Also comes with assorted side dishes.

Kimchijeon (Photo 1/2)

Kimchijeon (Photo 2/2)

[ Menu 7 ]
Bulgogi Beef @ RM25.00
Recommended Dish ! This Bulgogi Beef is marinated thinly sliced Beef sauteed with vegetables. This dish also comes with assorted side dishes to choose.

Bulgogi Beef (Photo 1/2)

Bulgogi Beef (Photo 2/2)

[ Menu 8 ]
Kimchi Fried Rice with Tuna @ RM15.00.
Korean kimchi fried rice with Tuna and Egg. Slightly spicy a little bit. Comes with assorted side dishes to choose.

Kimchi Fried Rice (Photo 1/2)

Kimchi Fried Rice (Photo 2/2)

[ Menu 9 ]
Cheesy Tteokbokki @ RM16.00 for Regular Size.
This is Korean Rice Cake. Loves this so much especially the cheesy and the rice cake inside it ! You can choose Spicy or Non Spicy. For Regular Size, it is RM16.00 for 1-2 persons to share however for Large Size, it is RM25.00 for 3-4 persons to share with. Also comes with assorted side dishes to choose.

Cheesy Tteokbokki (Photo 1/2)

Cheesy Tteokbokki (Photo 2/2)

* P/S : Every main dish comes with assorted side dishes. The side dishes changes weekly.

Top : Hot Chocolate @ RM11.90
Below : Salted Caramel Latte @ RM12.90

Iced Blended Chocolate @ RM13.90